99 Wr400 vs 06 kx 250

I own the wr400 and my friends own a 89 cr125 and a kx 250. I drag raced the cr125 on pavment and left it way behind. He tried telling me the kx would do the same to the wr. I was wondering if anyone has put the wr aginst a kx,yz,cr 250 in a drag race and/or on the track.

He may beat you outta the hole but your top speed will be greater.

your top speed will be greater.

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Having owned an 06 KX250 and a '00 WR400 I can tell you with certainty the KX will beat you off the line. It will then gap you a bit, the 400 will have the legs to catch up and overtake if the race is long enough though.


good luck



I have an 02' WR426 and an 03' KX 250. Although not the exact same bikes you are talking about, I can tell you that the KX will definately be quicker off the line but if you give yourself enough distance the WR will walk right by. They are completely different bikes but I would put my $$$$$$$ on the WR if given the distance.

02' WR426 and an 03' KX 250

You've got your apostrophes in the wrong place:smirk:

I know, I'm a giving kinda guy....:ride:

Slow morning:snore:

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