Just curious, what brand/style of grips do you guys use? The reason I am asking is the older I get the more I seem to worry about my controls as in are they as easy as possible. One thing I did that I really like is a motion pro cable. Or is is pro motion? Also Sat I picked up some pillow top grips. I think they are made by renthal. I have been using the renthal dual compound half waffle. My initial impression of these pillow tops are that they take less grip for the same grip, if you know what I mean. I hope that will mean less arm pump. I'll know after this weekend.

So, what do you guys use?

I have become a big fan of the TAG rebound grips. They wear faster than the others but they help with numbness and fatigue after wrist surgery....

Ive been using Renthal myself for years , and Pro Taper


I think the pillow tops you speak of Are pro taper

As i have a pair there a little fatter than the rest but

i kind of like them

I've been running FMF 909 Velocity grips in the past and really liked them. Right now I'm still running stock grips on my 06.

Same Renthal DL half waffle as you used to use. They last much longer since I put full hand guards on.

I'm a big fan of the pillow top grips, since I've had them I have had zero arm pump.

Tag, Rebound Tech Dual Compound Grip! Great grip highly recommend!!!

I have become a big fan of the TAG rebound grips. They wear faster than the others but they help with numbness and fatigue after wrist surgery....

Interesting..I fractured my distal radius and have a plate in there and was wondering if something like that might help.

I run waffle grips on my 2 strokes. ...half waffles on the 250f or 450s

I like Tag rips as well. I really wish all grips are made a little longer, maybe 5 mm longer, why are they all so short??????

I'm now running my first ever pair of ProGrip grips and they are top notch. I really have liked them, they've held up and I'd buy another pair in a heartbeat.

I agree with Pro Grips. I also like Renthal kevlar Grips:thumbsup:

For endurance/24 hour racing, the Renthal dual compounds are a fave. For times I'm not riding in the dark with my tongue hanging out wondering why I'm even on a motorcycle, I like Pro Taper pillow top. Absolutely no idea why the difference in choice. :ride:

Back long ago my Honda mr 175 came with grips not much different then what comes stock now. The hot set up back then was some grips that were kind of a triangle. Wish I could remember the name.Could have been oakleys. They worked real good in the mud. Over the years I've tried them all. They all give me blisters and I allways get arm pump. Really curious to see how these pillow tops work since they are really different from what I have been using the last 10 years.

I use the cheapest grips I can find. Usually Scotts. Grip with your knees and not your hands. :ride:

Grip with your knees and not your hands. :ride:
There's some merit to that, but when you wear knee braces, doing so beats the crap out of your tank graphics and your riding pants.

But whatever you can do, including depending more on your knees if that works for you, to relax your grip a bit will reduce arm pump. Arm pump is caused by a lack of circulation to the arm muscles, caused in turn by keeping the forearm tensed for extended periods, instead of the more natural "flex-relax-flex" kind of cyclic use, and compressing the the blood vessels of the arm. Teach yourself to relax when ever possible, even if only briefly at a time, and it will work wonders for you

I use the Renthal dual compound tapered grips in soft they really allow a loose grip your hands just stick to them.

I was riding the 24hrs of Glen Helen a few yrs back with some friends of mine. My buddies bike was outfitted with Spider grips. After that I was hooked and have run nothing else since. They added a new model a while back that I like even more than the original called the M1, check them out.


I loved Renthal Full Diamond Hard Grips! Once I used them a few years back I loved them.. I need to feel the bar I hate having squishy grips between my hand and the bar. You get a real positive feel with these grips!

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