Oury road grips. They are a little longer and a little thicker. The larger overall diameter helps me relax my hands and ride looser. Nice and soft...almost sticky...and last forever.

Renthal meduim compound half waffel. I love them

I have went through many different kind of grips in my bikes and came to a conclusion that best grips are definitely Ariete Extremes (Stefan Everts, soft half waffle model). They are the same model, which most of the top dog's in WEC are using.

I'm currently running Renthal Kevlars and had Spiders before them. They both last long, but the feel is not that good IMO. I have also tried most of the other Renthal models and some Pro Grips before.

Ariete's have so good feel and grip (even when wet) that it's amazing. They just need to be replaced quite often. You should try it if just possible.

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