O/T>TT's own F-18 Hornet Pilot: Godspeed Nedley!!

The news on the radio last night about the downed F-18 has me praying especially for our own TT'er Nedley, along with the rest of our flyers and soldiers. I don't know where he is right now, but it has been awhile since we've heard from him here.

He and his flight crew and fellow Hornet pilots took the time and effort to send my boys some autographed "in action" Hornet pics and Navy patches last summer. It meant a lot to us!

Nedley, I hope you get a chance to check in with the rest of us soon! Thank you and your shipmates for doing what you do so very, very well! :)

Best job in the world.....Navy Pilot..Hornet driver by trade

(posted by Nedley on lewischris' "What we all do for a living" thread last summer)

Chain, if you give me his squadron number I can give you his last known position. i.e. ship region. May not be able to tell you what he's doing right now but I can produce an e-mail address. :) Let's say it's a job thing.

Nedley, you have our (I apologise if anyone feels I don't speak for them) deepest honor and respect. We are riding with you brother. Watch your 6. :)


He was with VFA 25 aboard the US Kittyhawk last June. "Fist of the Fleet" :)

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