Fork Removal

I'm about to change my oil seals tomorrow and I was reading the manual on removing the forks for the service, and it says to remove the handlebar and headlight. To me though, it looks like I should not have to remove either, looks like I can just remove the front wheel, loosen the pinch bolts on the triple clamp and slide the fork tubes out from the bottom, am I correct?


thats all i do

Yes, it is a more simple than the manual states. Let me know if you have any questions, I just did my WR400 forks a couple of weeks ago.

It might be hard to loosen the caps unless the tubes are still pinched in the triple clamp.

Thanks for the help guys, I got the job complete with minimal cussing. I was surprised how simple that was. The videos are great. The suspension actually feels better now. I don't know if its just the fresh oil or if its because I bled them for the very first time(Not knowing you needed to before every ride). When I removed the bleed screws, they almost shot across the shop there was so much pressure. I got the push button bleeders on there now, should work great.

Thanks again! :ride:

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