stripped the threads of allen bolt for oil filter cover on 06 450

I don't know if this is the best place to ask this question, but here goes -

I seemed to have stripped the threads of the bottem allen bolt for my oil filter cover on my 06 450. When I go to tighten it, it almost gets tight and it just keeps on turning. I have always tried to be careful when doing this, and can't believe that it happened. I did ride after this, and it stayed in place with no oil leaking.

Three questions, if anyone can help -

1. How hard will it be to fix?

2. How can I keep it from happening again?

3. Do I need to fix it if it stays in place with no oil leaking?

Thanks for all replies in advance.

Thanks grayracer513! Your help is appreciated!

which size time-sert should be used?


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