When will '04 WR's be available ?


Looking at buying a WR450 and was wondering if anybody knows when the '04's will be available.



thats very funny! :)

Don't get me depressed. I bought an 03 YZ and an 03 WR and have yet to break them in, much less ride them.

With all the technical difficulties Yamaha has had with the '03 WRs, look for an earlier than anticipated release of the '04. IMHO.

With the recall issues finally addressed, I'd look for a deal on an '03. :)

The local Yami dealer told me he has heard rumblings of a WR500 for the 2005 season :)

Yamaha will tell you november but supply only in February

Battlecry, where in the world are you, cos if your near enough I'll break em in for ya and wont even charge you gas !! :D:):D

Hey oRGie, I spent some time in Cascais. We still remember the olives and the wine. Would love to go visit again.

I live in Occupied Country, Maryland. Can't complain too much about the envirofascists here, because I've lived in California, but damn, I wish they would go help somebody else...

Thanks for the offer. Boy, I just had a flashback to a nice field by a small river north of Cascais near a town with a castle on top of a hill.



04's are out already. The 2003 and 2004 will be identical. The WR500 may have the Yamaha fuel injection. Rejetting with a lap top is going to be a blast and we will get to share profiles on ThumperTalk! I am going to keep my WR450 until Yamaha offers a fuel injected version. My name will be first on the list. :)

Battlecry, I moved here cos it's like living in an adventure playground, street legal quads, allmost any competiton trials bike can get a registration.. I'm about an hours drive north of Cascais, nice place indeed.. We have a castle on top of a hill too, Obidos.. if you make it over again your welcome to take my trusty 400 for a blast round the pine forests and beaches :)

WR500 ? Fuel injection ? Programable mapping ? The future looks way cool. This WR450 is my third WR 4-stroke and even now I'm imagining no re-jetting from 5K to 10K feet, ignition mappings to suit my mood and 500cc of stump pulling torque. Giddee-Up !

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