426 clutch question, broken cable now no tension on push lever

Ok, so the bike in question is a '00 426. After a good day of riding, about a mile from home my clutch cable broke off at the clutch lever. No biggie really, these things happen to older bikes. My problem is in regards to the push lever, it has no tension on it at all. I can move it freely forward and aft. I had zero clutch problems until this point. The bike was rolling from a start when the cable snapped and the bike locked up. I basically just put it in neutral started it, started rolling and kicked it into first no clutch...no issues getting the bike home. So the tranny is fine. I got it up on the stand to putz with it and realized the clutch will not "engage" (i believe it is actually disengage, ie I cannot rotate tire while in gear while moving the push lever by hand). I've searched the 400/26/50 forum for both push lever and push rod and have not come up with anything related. I'm assuming when the clutch abruptly lost tension perhaps the ball that engages the push rod fell or something to that extent. I haven't had the chance to pull the clutch due to work but I've spent all day pondering what may have caused this. If there is anyone on here that has had the same issue or is a clutch guru and can possibly enlighten me to my dilemma I would be very thankful. :ride:

Alright, after reviewing the factory manual I've decided that one of two things has occurred. Either A) the Push Rod 2 has broken and or fallen out or :ride: the Push Lever itself has broken. Would that instant release when the cable snapped have any say in my issue? Is this a common issue? Am I way off point with this?

If you can't spin the tire in gear then the clutch is engaged. The lever on the motor will have free play in it you will be able to move it backwards. Your push rod probably isn't broken and they really can't fall out. Replace the cable before you tear the side cases off chances are that it is all fine.

In operating the clutch lever at the transmission with no cable attached, you would find a fair amount of free travel, travel of the lever, resisted only by the lever return spring, that does nothing to disengage the clutch at all. Beyond that free travel, you would need a wrench or a large pair of pliers to actually lift the pressure plate and disengage the clutch.

Even with the cable in place and working correctly, you shouldn't count on being able to turn the rear wheel by hand while in gear and disengaging the clutch. Normal drag will be too much to allow that.

As was already said, just replace the cable, and don't fabricate non-existent problems until you find out there's something else wrong.

after puttzing with it and assembling the system in my head using the manual i realized how much pressure it would take to push out the pressure plate. Needless to say I got an adjustable wrench and worked the lever. All is well, just my imagination. Thanks for the replies guys

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