Riding anywhere close to Minneapolis?

OK...I asked this question a ways back and didnt get the right response (a YES!).

Is there any good trail riding anywhere close to the Minneapolis area? I'm moving up there at the end of April and am looking for any ideas. From talking to a guy at the local small-town bike shop back there, he didnt have any good ideas whatsoever. Not a big "track" guy, just enjoy trail riding...

Please help!


Getting tired of flying back and fourth from CO to CA every week Larry? Too bad we didn't get a chance to go ride rampart again. You could always fly back and fourth from Minneapolis to CO to go riding. :) (had to use one of the new gremlins)


Yup...it is getting old. I end up working 12+ hours out here and go back to my hotel room for an hour and veg before crashing. Sitting around gets you fat quick! :)

I'll be heading out to CO quite often I'd imagine. I'm planning on keeping the bike in Denver through Memorial Day weekend...as I'm heading out to Moab with Dougie and a few others. So the opportunities will be there to fly back to Denver instead of MN and get in some riding. We'll coordinate something here soon...



I live and work in the MSP area and would be happy to tell you all that I know.

Drop me a PM and we can discuss the best way to communicate. There are some great riding spots in Minnesota. There is even a hare scramble just NW of the Metro area.

Ride fast, take chances.


If you consider "close" to be a very relative term. Paul Bunyan State forest up north of Akeley MN is a good spot to ride, lots of trails.

I have friends south of the Cities that say there is some ok trails but I couldn't give you details off the top of my head, nothing too expansive though. I will see if I can get more details if you want.

Chad and Icebox,

Thanks guys. Any more feedback that you can send my way would be much appreciated! Not to mention, I'll be needing to hook up with some new riding buddies here soon...

I'll be in touch...


P.S. Guess I'll need to change my signon name to LarryMN or something...not to mention, I'll be back to square 1 regarding jetting... :)

I still can't believe you are moving out there! The good thing about the WR, no odometer, so you won't know how much Mike rides it out here :)

Call me tomorrow and we can discuss meeting up in L.A. next week.

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