Old news, but it affects quite a few

Following along with Kalifornia, Nevada DMV is doing the following::)


Text of the CL post:

Dirtbikes with Plates, Dualsport-ers Beware the DMV!!!! - $9999999 (Reno, NV)


Date: 2009-08-25, 6:50AM PDT

Reply to: see below


Attention Everybody!

Nevada DMV is pulling plates from dirtbikes!

If you buy a dirtbike that has been converted to street legal, there IS A GOOD CHANCE THEY'LL NOT REGISTER IT AGAIN, OR EVEN TRY TO PULL THE PLATE AFTER THEY GIVE IT TO YOU!!!!

I BOUGHT A WR450 WITH A PLATE they registered it, 2 weeks later i got a letter and now i have a whole dog and pony show to try and keep it!

I am not kidding, i have been to the DMV TITLE DEPT twice already, this is a nightmare scenario for us dualsport-ers

The DMV has a model list for each manufacturer to pull plates from and the DMV technician you get when you go, may or may not do their stuff right example:

Honda-XR, CRF, CR

Yamaha-YZ, YZF, WR

Kawasaki-KX, KXF,

Suzuki-RM, RMZ


GOOD LUCK!! :ride:

This is sad to hear but not really a suprise. It was always been my theory that just because you were able to GET a plate for your bike there was no garentee that you would be able to KEEP that plate.

Maybe the manufactures will finally put some effort into some REAL DS bikes.

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