new here !

well i don't have the 2003 wr450f yet but once it comes in the dealers got my # and i'm the first one on the list ! already have the upgrades picked out too: yoshimura slip on and k&n. not trying to get to far ahead of myself here but hey it's my dream it will go wherever it takes me !!just wanted to get some input. :)

Thumper, Welcome!!! This place rocks... I have mine on order too. Why have you decided to go with the Yoshi unit? Just curious because I've been running the Pro-Circuit T-4 which I like but I want something just a little more quiet. I want to be in the 95db range if possible, what do you know about the Yoshi's db's? See ya and Welcome.

have you guys heard when your wr's are suppose to be in? , the last time i talked to my salesman,

he heard november. cant wait !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

Hi ThumperWR450F,

Welcome to the best damn website. Here you will find all kinds of information (may have to wait on WR450F stuff) and meet lots of good people. As far as your statement regarding "loud pipes save lives" you will find several of us on here that may argue with you on that issue. It is popular belief that "less sound equals more ground."

You may want to consider the DB rating on any aftermarket pipe if you plan on entering any enduros/harescrambles as they do test sound. Most forests will, on occasion, test you for sound too. If you are going to ride on a closed course then that may be a different story. However, I have heard recently, even closed course tracks have closed due to sound issues.


Welcome to Thumpertalk!


the demo model is supposed to be in in a few weeks here but they won't be for sale till december !!!as for the reason of the yoshi slip on loud pipes save lives as the harley guys say !!

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