Yamaha WR450F, YZ450F and YFZ450 - Crankcases interchangeable?!?

Hey gang,

I was able to get hold of a used 2003 WR450F yesterday for REALLY cheap $$$ (also only has 1000km on the clock) The reason for why it was so cheap, is this:



If you can't already tell what this is, let me describe it to you in more detail. What you're looking at is the rear side of where the kickstarter shaft sits. The problem is the support for the shaft has broken off, whilst the previous owner attempted to kickstart her. Without this support, kicking the bike is impossible, as the kickstarter just gets stuck while pushing it down

Now my question for you guys: I need to know whether it would be possible for me to replace the right hand crankcase with one from a YFZ450 (quad) or even YZ450F.

I was able to track down the part numbers from thumpertalk and this is what I got (for the entire cranckcase assembly).

WR450F 2003: 5TJ-15150-10-YX

YFZ: ???

YZ450F 2003: 5TA-15150-11-YX

As you can see, the numbers are quite similar to one another, yet they differ in 2 spots. The "J" and "A" (I assume this is for WR and YZ); the "10" and "11". What does this exactly mean?

Does anybody know for certain whether the YFZ/YZ right crankcase will fit 100% onto the left crankcase of the WR, whilst everything else will fit on to it? From what I can tell from the technical drawing of the YFZ and WR crankcase is, that they look EXACTLY the same.

I have been able to track down a really cheap right hand side crankcase from a YFZ450, which I intend to buy if it does for my new ride :ride: so I need to know ASAP!


Tony Schattat

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