Clutch baske problems

So now I have over a year of some hard riding on the BRP, now I am wondering what else to spend money on. Who has replaced or had problems with clutch baskets or springs etc. How concerned should I be with replacing the clutch basket. I see this is a popular upgrade and wanted to know if anyone is having issues with their clutch.

Eventhough I don't have a BRP, I wouldn't mess with the clutch till it starts to slip in high gear under a hard load. When inspecting the outer basket, look at the edges of the fingers that the metal plates ride against, and see if there are any notches in them. This will be common on older bikes. If there are groves that you can really feel, replace the basket when it comes time to do the clutch, plates, dicsc, and springs. Inspect the center basket for the same nicks, groves and abnormal wear from the plates as well. At that point, you will want to upgrade to a better/stronger clutch assembly.

You have been over to the WR450 side haven't you? :D That's ok - I sort of envy those guys some times when it gets real slow on the BRP side. :D

Now - if we could just shear a key or two over here :)

Speaking of the WR 450's anyone know the top speed of one? I know the 426's can reach mid 90's. How much more do you think the 450's can go? :)

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