06 Wr450...

how did u go with fitting the magura clutch??? i think i am going to have to make some custom brackets to fit mine

we put a maxxis it on my partners wr450 about 6 months ago and it is sure showning wear. not sure what i am going to put on this one.

the michelin m12 on my 300 has worn very well, but i think the 450 is going to be harder on tires....

I also did not get to leave without riding his 2010 450 berg... fi .. e start.

it was pretty cool. he was a very nice guy and very easy to deal with..


I have had both the M12 and Maxxis Desert IT on my 450.

While I liked the M12 performance where I am a bit better then the Desert IT, the Desert IT certainly lasted longer, and it was not THAT far behind in performance. Never tried a "normal" Maxxis IT.

A lot of rock/loose shale here...

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