WR 450 Dualsport?

Tossing around the Idea of buying a WR450 and making it a dual-sport, but I kinda want the lightest 4-stroke available? I currently have a 00 KLX300r with slight mods, yet I am wondering if I should just dump the upgrade money on the WR. Rode my friends yz450, love the power but seems kinda high! And I dont know for sure how the drivetrain will hold up? :) Price is also my main priority....


I too have been thinking of going with a good dirtbike that I can make street legal. Have researched and studied this new "plan" and here are my opinions, which may upset some.

KTM 450... by far the best but for 7500 you can have 2 great bikes

KTM 400... have a few buddies with them and you'd better be a mechanic.

Wr 426... feels too hvy for me in the woods

Wr 450... won't be here til jan, but I think it will be the best bet.

DRZ 400e... probably the way to go if you want one now, can buy an 00' for 35, feels lighter in the woods(even though it's supposed to be heavier that the wr) I have found a couple of the "e" models that are already tagged for the 35 range(might have to travel a little though)

anyhoo, that's what I have come up with, hope that helps and good luck,


Stay tuned into the TT portal page...I'll be posting my article on the TT Project Bike: 2001 WR426 turned Dual Sport turned 450cc Motard Race Bike turned MX Race Bike turned Dual Sport Bike once again. A little preview: The Yamaha is a great platform for a dual sport bike...no problems yet! :)


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