WR450F pics from Intermod 2002 Munich

Here are some pics I made from the expo Intermod 2002 in Munich(Miunhen), Germany.


More are comming soon.

page wouldn't load

are you using netscape? what error do you get?


The page is loading but it's extremely slow. Some excellent pics!

Sorry about the speed, but my provider has put me quota on my web site www.sained.com and I cannot add more pics, so I was forced to put it on this server which unfortunately is slow. I'll talk with the provider today and will tell you if I manage to move it to a faster place...

Sorry but this is so slow i've seen concrete harden faster than that loaded. I'll probably wait till December till mine gets here which will still be faster than waiting for this to load!!!!!



I finaly managed to move the pictures to faster place here.

Excellent pic's sabin.

I really liked the cutaway motor.

God bless my new cable access.

I went through a boatload of pictures in a hurry.

The cutaway close ups of the 450 engine are worth the wait for a dialup user.

I know there are huge, but I think the detail is more important. Another thing is that you can print them on A4/Letter format and the quality will be great.

Great pics, thanks for taking the time to post them. And thanks too for making my decision all the tougher! I'm trying to decide between one of the big KTM's or WR450 for my next bike. Tough, but what a great choice to be making.

Anyone know where I can find any in depth write ups on the WR450? Or is it still wait for the magazine times? Will there be reviews in the magazines to be released in a few days?

Yeah I'm getting anxious! :)

I'll just say that me and my friend got Brand new bikes from the shop 4-5 months ago. I got WR426 and KTM520SX.

My only problem until now was that my front bearings needed replacement, because I did not greased them after pressure water clean. My friend missed a couple of races, because he had some overheating issues and his water pump needed 2 rebuilds. You decide for yourself what do you want to buy. For me the choice is blue or red.

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