Stealth bike

What aftermarket exhaust is QUIET but still allows good performance?

I've heard that the FMF Q4 does a nice job keeping the db level down.

Can't beat the stock pipe for maximum quiet.

I really like the PMB quiet insert. Never had an issue with the ranger, and it's easily removed.

The FMF Q is my next choice for QUIET without choking the bike.

Lots of stock pipe modifications on this forum, most involve cutting up the stock baffles - a one way experiment.

Any experience with these two replacement inserts:

From Yamaha

From ProMotoBillet

FMF Q, with stock header on my WR426 and I test at or under 94 dB. And the pipe is almost as good of performance as an open stock exhaust with no insert.

FMF Q isn't stealthy enough IMO, it still has pretty good growl when on the pipe. You can't beat a stock exhaust with a PMB insert.

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