I got a call from my dealer yesterday about the "official" Yamaha TSB. This is the same one posted on off-road.com. Is this the same TSB you're referring to?

Yep. I think it ends in 007??? My guess of April 1st was pretty close.

Because of weather I still haven't got a ride in. I keep watching your video and hoping the thermometer will get above 40. :)

Not to rub it in, but the weather has been pretty good hear since I got my 450 back in January and I've been riding pretty regularly. Got 500+ miles on it already (and no woodruff key problems. :) )

just got back from picking my bike up after getting the tsb work done. talked to the mech. he said the flywheel came off with a "pop", just like its suppose to. he checked the taper, it was really good. lapped it just to be sure. didnt put loctite on it. he didnt see the need if it was tight to begin with. :) wowwwwwwwwwwww

new graemlins. lmaooooooooooo.

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