Stupid quick ?

I just picked up a 07 WR450, wondering what the stock CS sprocket count is?

Dang, I was afraid of that, was hoping it was the 14....

why :ride:

why :ride:

B/C going to a 13 was a cheap fix for the tall 2-5 gears. I don't want to run a 52 on the rear, so I guess I will have to adjust to this tall gearing. Look at the chart in the Yamaha manual. The leap from 1st to 2nd is huge and it feels huge. On my KTM's I could run 2nd 3rd and sometimes 4th in the terrain I ride with 13/50 gearing. I cant for the life of me run 3rd now unless it opens up and 4th, I don't think so unless I'm gonna be in the desert. Going to have to look at getting a Magura hydro clutch kit so I don't kill myself with all the feathering I'm gonna have to do..

I run 13/52 on my 07. I've also run 12/50. 12/50 is pretty low, but I liked it before I put on my YZ exhaust. 13/52 is good with the exhaust upgrade but only because I like to ride REALLY tight 1st gear stuff, and it saved me from having to feather the clutch so much. For more open terrain and MX tracks I like the stock 13/50. I'm thinking of trying 13/51 for a compromise.

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