YFZ engine YZ carb WR silencer what carb jets do i need?

this is the current set up i have 2005 YFZ engine+cdi ,2003 YZ carburettor and early stock WR silencer. what carb setting do you think I need?

so far im asuming wr carb settings would be ok?

WR:{Main: 165, Pilot: 45, Starter: 65, Leak: 50, Pilot Air Jet: 80, Main Air Jet: 200(Non-adjustable)}

First thing, are all the components (engine, carb, exhaust) from 450 bikes? If so, I'd try whatever jet went into a 2003 wr450f stock, just as a starting point to see how it runs, or if it runs. From there you would have to make adjustments for your specific riding location. Impossible to just come up with the precise jetting specs needed.

yes i forgot to say they engine and carb are 450cc but the silencer is wr 400 i was told , but yes like you say i think starting with a WR 03 jetting is wise.

Dr. Frankenstein should be able to help you....

Looks pretty close to me.

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