Power Now?

do you know what your call name means to the english "snapper"?

i'd re register. i keep talking about screwdrivers and a yank once warned me that it has a different meaning over the pond.


for ever your darling sweetheart (kisses)

Taffy :):D:D:D:D:D:D

So I am guessing you don't know wether or not the "power now" link is genuine?

I know what snapper it means down here and that is enough for me. When down your way in may I noticed a few people blowing kisses but thought nothing of it - nice place though, heaps of shmick road bikes.


[ September 29, 2002, 05:33 PM: Message edited by: Snapper ]

Do a search and you will find much said about the Power Now device. In a nutshell (does that have a second meaning too?) most people swear it adds to the bottom with minimal if any loss elsewhere. Scientific proof is not forthcoming - but from the people I trust who have posted positively about it - I'd buy it today (if I weren't flat broke.)

Buy it. We now run with 450 hondas with a yz400.

Buy it, it works more low end, and yes no hot start button needed!

Hey woodsrider, when did you get this thing?I haven't been working so I'm not up to date with your latest mods.

What does it do and did you have to change the jetting?

Hey z4me, where in the world are you going to find the right combination of bars and footpegs?! :D Judging from the picture, you have got to be the shortest TT member!! :)

No Hot start needed with the power now? how so? What's the power down low? Any changes in top end?

Yeah, I was pretty amazed at the improvement brought on by the PNV. I get much better response and more torque, especially at lower RPM's, where it is now much more tractable and remarquably smoother running...The entire powerband seems to benefit as does peak power. The PNV's bore is slightly larger than stock and smoother. I also removed a small ridge on bottom and right side of carb inlet for a perfect match. You may have to go a size up on main fuel jet. Use of the hot start has been reduced by about 95%...It is well worth it!

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