YZ426 vs. CR500

Having owned both, the CR500.

They aren't real good for much else, but they will climb like a rocket.

Having owned both, the CR500.

They aren't real good for much else, but they will climb like a rocket.

Exactly what Gray said.:ride::):lol:

My buddy used to have a cr500 and i have 99 yz400f and i could beat him up olds if i was perfect on the take off and he wasn't i was able to get enough of a lead were he couldn't catch up in time but with your gearing i don't think you will stand a chance.

If the 500s tuned its going to walk off from the line and keep roosting all the way to the top.

426 wouldn't have chance

man no love for the yz yet.. ive riddin the 500 and i say the yz has waaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyy more power...

uhh dude were talking about a ****in 500cc two stroke here. Off the line the 426 would be ahead by quit a bit but in the long run the 500 hundie would kill any 426 or 450 out there wether its stock or modded, i own a kx500 and it is way more brutal then a 450:ride:

My buddy has a KX500 and my near stock 426 (pipe & bk mod) walked all over him at the Silver Lake dunes. He ran a 10 paddle and I was running an 8. The 426 ate him up on the hills. The 500 eventually took me a couple of times on the drag strip after racing all day, and couple of differant pilots.

I'm going to have to call BS on anybody claiming their 4__Whatever smoked the 500 2smoke in the hill climb world. Only if the guy on the 500 is plenty deficient in skills, or the motor is clapped, and the guy on the 4++ four strokes name is Jesus. I get a chance to run around the badlands here with a bunch of my hillbillie buddies who will ride nothing but kx500s. Truly impressive in the hills.

I think an experienced rider on a 426 could beat an inexperienced rider on a 500 so skill will certainly play a role in the results but all things being equal, the 500 will smoke a 426 (tuned or stock). I've owned both and frankly, the dunes are 500cc 2-stroke territory.

The yz426f all da way .:ride: The yz426f is a beast:worthy:

riders being equal. the 426 doesn't have a chance. terrain be damned the smoker would kill it. if it doesn't put someone else on it cause the rider is a spode.

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