Mobil 1?

I recently aquired a WR400 and I am changing the oil. The manual calls for 10W-30 but I have seen many people using Mobil-1 15W-50. The manual calls for that oil in Canada only. Is this the best oil or not? I went ahead and used it this time. I hope it doesnt hurt the engine at all. Any input would be great.

Mobil 1 works. We used it when racing mile at Springfield,Ill. on yz400. No problemns.

Excellent, thanks. Do I need to change it more often with this weight or is it good for a few rides?

Only when it gets real cold will you want to consider a lower viscosity than 15w... Look in the manual, it has a little chart that shoes temperature and recommended viscosity of oil.

Mobil 1 is great stuff... and if your bike never gets real cold, then it should be fine all year around...



Mobil-1 15w50 every 10 to 15 hours is plenty just remimber to keep the filter clean to . At least for the kind of riding i do in ILL it works.

Thanks. I have been keeping an eye on the mile counter more than hours ridden. The guy I bought the bike from said ever 100 to 150 miles but he was using 20W-50. I have been cleaning the filter every ride. I am happy with the owners manual that came with the bike! It is very detailed compared to the one that came with the TTR225.

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