Gray wire? No lid? What??????

:excuseme:I just purchased a 1998 WR400 and am wondering about some of the WR lingo. What is the gray wire, and what are some of the other mods that I keep reading about? What mods should be done to a 1998 WR400f? Any help would be appreciated.

P.s. I also have a pristine 1996 YZ250 for sale. All 2001 plastic and graphics, never raced, trail ridden only. Very nice clean 2 stroke. I have lots of pics.

You get one with a plate?

If so, then you will be :D

if not, then you will be :)

Just kiddin. Great bike either way.

Grey wire is located under the tank, in a black, two-wire connector. Pull that connector apart, and pull out the grey wire, then reconnect connector. That will allow your bike to use the YZ ignition mapping, and it will feel like a new bike. (I bet this has already been done to your bike)

After that, there is the:

Throttle stop

Air Box cover

Remove exhaust baffle

BK mod/Wheel collar limiter on Accelerator pump

After that, YZ seat/tank combo

Then, YZ timing..

After that, '03 cam...

That ought to keep you busy for awhile. (Use the search feature with these phrases, and you will have more information than you could shake a stick at)

I did get one with a plate, which was difficult in Washington. It has a Baja Designs kit, and an FMF core4 exhaust system. I found a bike with the original tank and seat because I did not want the smaller YZ seat and tank. Why do so many people make that mod? Are there other benefits to the YZ tank and seat other than looks? I realy wanted a stock looking WR.

If you are trail riding and not racing, stay with the stock tank and seat. The only reason to swap is to get your weight further up on the front end so you can corner better. There is a difference, but it probably isn't worth the money if most of your riding is casual to moderately fast.

You can also get an acerbis or IMS tank that utilizes the YZ seat. It makes a big difference on that bike plus holds more fuel. :)

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