06 Swingarm alignment

So, had a mishap on my YZ supermoto....Long story short, sprocket bolts sheared off and destroyed hub and put a hole in the swing arm (small hole and marks). Anyways, got the swingarm fixed and now im trying to put it back on. I've had it off alot over the last few years repacking bearings and having the motor out. BUT, for some reason, I cant remember where the spacers go? Its not in the shop manual, not on the Yamaha parts list picture either. Its the main axle that goes through the frame, then the back of the motor then back into the frame. It seems as though 1 spacer will fit close to the frame on the left (looking at the bike from the rear), then the other on the right side of the motor??? Anyone know if this is right? I went to the local bike shop and they had a 09 250f but it didnt even look like it had the spacers. Thanks guys

There is a collar that goes on the outboard end of each swing arm pivot eye to seal the outer bearing, but beyond that, I don't know of any spacers off the top of my head.

Ya, thats what i thought, but there doesnt seem to be enough space. It seems theres space for the outside on one, and the inside of the other. Unless my swingarm is bend??? But i cant imagine it is, the racing I do is mostly road course with no jumps... :ride:

anyone have an 06 they can take a pc of??

I'll look at mine when I get home.

Thanks...It sorta looks like its suppose to go like you say, but I must have my swing arm tweaked or something??

you were right, I just had to push the collars into the outside of the swingarm and it all fellinto place. Thanks!

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