WR 450 2003, smokes ALOT!

my wr 450 is running nice but smokes ALOT and are burning engine oil.. someone who have had the same problem? is it just the valve gasket thing? (not so good in english=) what can be the problem since the engine has no other problem than smoking, i cant drive the bike because it will be oil empty very fast and i know its not normal to smoke that mutch.

Sounds like the rings are gone. Time to pull the engine aprt and inspect it.

I had the same problem, and it was rings....make sure you check the cylinder as well...if it's smooth, and no cross hatch left...replace it or re plate it...I learned that part the hard way........

Get your valves and valve guides checked as well,bet they will be rooted.

hmm, the piston and rings are all new, but i noticed somting strange with the oil expander ring, (the ring that holdes the two small ones from each other) had a 10 mm end gap.. on the old piston it was 0-1 mm end gap on the ring.. can this be a production "error" or what its called?=) thnx for all the replyes

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