does anyone have a connection at dr d?

reason i ask i have the ti/carbon system and the bike went end over end cracking the carbon sleeve and not bending anything else which i thought was lucky..and an easy fix...i have half a dozen of their "pro pack" repack kits i called to order a replacement sleeve only to be to no way would they sell me just the sleeve..i would need to send them my muffler and THEY would replace the sleeve and repack with the standard packing and send back to me...leaving me with no bike for a couple weeks the tune of $199 plus shipping both it just me or is that ridiculous?...i offered to email photos of my drd cracked proof i wasnt trying to build some homemade crap with their name on it,..didnt matter...told flat out no...just for fun i called circuit...and yosh and asked i i could buy just the sleeve and they all said yes...seems silly that drd is so "exclusive" that you cant get replacement parts ..that they want to jump in your pocket with both hands i thought id ask here in the hopes that someone might be able to get one and i could paypal the money for the sleeve shipping and the paypal fee...if anyone can help a brother be extremely grateful!! feel free to shoot me a pm

What crappy customer service... I'd let them fix it and order an FMF system. Sell the DrD when its fixed and be done with them. :ride:

I know... It's just hard for me to swallow forking over $199 plus cross country shipping both ways and not having a bike for 2 weeks...for a $40 part

Your screenname sums it up :ride:

I unfortunately have not ever had good results getting replacement parts from DRD either. You probably just should send it to them for replacement.

This is the biggest reason I would be inclined to look at MRD when it comes to customer service for exhaust replacement/repair

Similar story to a Rider of Mine who was at LL and couldn't the same part replaced due to manufacturing problem...said they had to replace the whole thing and it would cost him...

As said above...all the more reason to try a different company. 200 is half way to an MRD.

I have a extra carbon sleeve. pm me and i will try to help you out.

I must disagree with the above bashing of Dr D.

I crushed my silencer and they replaced the entire can, repacked the silencer, put on a new sticker(ooooh), as well as polished the entire pipe for $90. Considering the price of quality packing, they replaced the can and did all the other work for about $50 or so. A bargain, if you ask me and they turned it around in about a week.

No complaints here!!!!

Well done Dr D

When I bought my first DRD SS system, it didn't fit. The trouble was that the bolt that mounts the mid pipe was out of square with the hole in the can mount, so that if you tightened the mid pipe bolt, the bolt for the can mount pointed down at about 5-10 degrees. It was nearly impossible to get both bolts in it at the same time. I called DRD, and sent pictures of it the next day. The guy in the shop talked to Doug and came back and said they'd send a new one down right away, and I could do what ever I need to to the pipe to make it work in the meantime, but not to mod the bike by filing holes or anything. I told him I could just take it off so they could see it and run the stocker until the other one got here, and he said that they'd seen enough.

The new pipe arrived with a pre-paid shipping label for the old pipe, and a phone number to call to get it picked up off my front porch.

You be the judge.


When I converted my 426 to 450plastics, I had to modify my Dr D can.

I called Dr D and they sold me a replacement can with no questions. The only difference is the fact that I had a SS can, not carbon fiber.

hahaha well i guess im the only one they are unwilling to actually help....

padaytonaman...lucky you..not sure how long ago that was..but when i called they told me $ ifs ands or buts...told me they will not sell the replacement part...

grayracer i offered to send pics of the damaged can..the removed sleeve and said i would send it back to them even(at my expense)...and purchase the new sleeve and pay shipping...they flat out refuse to do anything except have me ship them my whole can to have them "rebuild" it..although i have half a dozen "propack" kits they sold me sitting here since they seem to bend over backward for everyone else but me...they appearantly must just have a thing against people in nj..hahaha...i was very courteous and non arguementative..asked if there was a manager etc to speak with..and was told that "they were the person that handles that"...which oddly was the same girl that answered the phone..:busted: lol

mxgene i dont need the whole can..they would sell me that..i just need the carbon sleeve

I did the same to my carbon muffler.. I just cracked it in a easy tip over where is landed on my boot. I called Dr.d and they wanted like close to $200.00 for a carbon sleeve. They were willing to send it to me but I told them to send me the Alum one for like $35.00! Wow what a price difference, I'm still using my carbon sleeve but at least I have a back up alum one...

it took a little over a month for my HOUR METER to arrive from DRD. I had to call and remind them on the 3rd week of my order. They apologized and a WEEK later shipped it out. Then i received it on saturday. Screw them... never again buying anything from them.

I've Dealt with Doug personally on a couple of occasions, and his wife on several more and they were allways very helpful and above and beyond what i considered normal. I purchased a pipe that had the head flange welded on incorrectly and doug personally brought out a new head pipe for me to Glenn Helen. On my 426 I smashed 3 cans and Doug's wife allowed me to purchase the replacements at their cost three times!! This was a few years ago, and I know that company has grown (Doug answered the phone the first time I called!!) So getting the same kind of service maybe a bit more challenging.

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