Their once was a bird that went fishing with 10 fishermen and she came back with a red snapper......hehe



Over here a snapper can be all sorts of things - least commonly a fish.

In the context I often use the word it is an abbreiviation for the word "snapperhead" which originated in the town of Broken Hill, South West of News South Wales, Australia during the early 80's.

Originally a snapperhead was someone who was so annoying you just wanted to "snap them one in the head".

I have come accross a few snapperheads in my time and a number of them have been found in motorsports circles (as you would well know). In the passing of time "snapperhead" has become a universal insult, it is an excellent term in common use....

"You Snapperhead"

"Bloody Snapperheads"

and - "Look at those snappers" (abbreiviated).

The word is so useful it can even be used as a term of endearment in the right context.

We have stickers that say "Snapperhead Racing" - an unofficial race team. There are power boat racers in the US called Snapperhead Racing. The question being are we snapperheads for racing these things or are we racing against snapperheads - you be the judge.

I too have heard the word snapper used in the context to which Taffy referred in fact I once was called a "Whooping Fat - - - -" which could well have been "whopping fat snapper" had I been in the Nags Head (Shrewsbury UK).

Please don't be discouraged by the word and use it often - the word "snapperhead" should be spread. Once you start using it you will be impressed with how many times you can use it each day.


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