SuperMoto/street wheel question on YZ400?

Hey TTer's, I'm wondering if anyone has put a set of "inexpensive" 17's on a 1998 YZ400???

I'm thinking that there could be some wheels that fit with minimal modifications or spacer changes on the 400, maybe some Ninja 250 wheels?

The reason I'm thinking about this is because I know there are some fancy 17's that run for over $1k, but I don't want to spend that much for wheels that I'm only going to use once a month, maybe

Well, any input is greatly appreciated!!!



Nothing fits without extensive machine work. Try lots of used stuff on sale for less than 1k all the time.

you can get a full set of wheels from Warp 9 racing for around $500 bucks, look at some of the other supermoto bikes on here and they are running them. I have a set on my bike that they stuck on their website. Look them up.

Actually I just looked, their prices went up, ouch!

Yeah, I looked at Warp9 already, over $1200 for wheels/tires :ride: ouch, I guess I was hoping someone had tried to fit a front rim from a different bike on the back of the YZ, which is what I'm thinking of trying, just not sure what front wheel would be the best, I have a wheel from an '03 CBR600 that measures pretty close to the widht of the sock YZ wheel, I just have to figure out some way to rig up the sproket and brake rotor... then again, if I run into a good deal for a set of used SM wheels I just may go that route

Thanks for the input, I'll post whatever I find out from the wheel experiments :)

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