Front tire pressure

What tire pressure should I run??


got a pirelli scorpion mid soft

I normally run between 12 and 13 with every tire I use

1st time using the Scorpion and it washes out under turn

any fixes

The only fix is to swap it out with a Dunlop. :ride:

My wife loves the Pirelli's, but I'm a Dunlop guy. I run 14-15 psi in her front tire..... maybe try going up a couple pounds?...

I run the Pirelli on the front of an 07 YZ450F and love the way it turns now. I run 13 psi for most of the sand tracks in Florida. When it wears out, I am gonna try the MX31 Dunlop for comparison. WD

In insanely muddy conditions, on a track of course, I run 10.

Otherwise with the Pirelli I have had great luck with 12 or 13; 15 for pure rocks.

I've got about 12 hours on MX31's front and back, 13-15psi, mostly desert riding with a few track days thrown in, freaking love them...

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