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Kouba "official" NEW ORDER recipient list!

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I have 13 Kouba's left. I CANNOT send any out until everyone that ordered AND paid for one gets his (Jeff Beck...???).

Here is my list SO FAR, by date of request:

1 - Funktree

2 - Rich in Orlando

3 - Cobra2Go

4 - Freestyle111 (yes, I HAVE put you on my

list, if you want one! )

5 - Pooley

6 - drwheels

7 - Travis Dist. 37

8 - Vu

9 - Steve in Bend, OR

10 - Geo199

11 - Phillip Sherwood

12 - Guy Landis

13 - Dane Okie

If any of you want MORE than one, give Norman Kouba a call, www.koubalink.com. Tell him Kevin from ThumperTalk sent you!

Norm pays for all shipping BUT minimum order is $25.00.

My price, out the door, is $13.00, same as the first 90 guys before you.

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