gasket material

I have an IMS 3.1 or so tank on my WR400 and it has worked great but I seem to go through petcock gaskets like crazy. After giving up on the stock IMS jobs I went to a heavy duty tube cut to shape and now the gas has eaten that one! Any ideas of what material to use would be much appreciated.

you might want to stop by an autoparts store. i know that napa carries some generic gasket material in sheets that you can cut to any shape. i can't remember what it is called, but it wasn't very expensive.

OK, I will reply to my own question for future reference. Whoever suggested fuel line was a genius. I used 1/4" fuel Injection hose cut down the middle, flattened out and cut to length. Drilled the 3 holes and is working nicely. Upon inspection using heavy duty inner tube was not so good the gas turned it to soup and it failed......

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