03 WR450F ~ Comments and Questions

Just recently found this site, it quickly became apparent just about everyone here is more "tuned in" than Yamaha Motor Co. Hat's off to everyone contibuting the lastest information.

Woodruff Key Issue: When I picked up my bike the dealer didn't bother mentioning anything about it. So when I called to inquire, I was told that my bike didn't fall into the range of serial numbers. Of course, they couldn't provide the numbers... Now I am told it will need to be checked. I haven't had a chance to ride very many miles yet but so far no failure. Since I don't have a helicopter to air lift my bike out of the mountains, I'll probably fix something that ain't broke just for my own piece of mind.

The mere fact that Yamaha hands you a service manual before you get out the door should tell you that these high strung throughbreds will need some tweakin. These are minor issues at best and once these bikes are set up right and broken in they'll be hard to beat. I take these issues anyday over broken triple clamps issues I've heard about with another brand. WR450F hands down the best of more than 20 bikes I've owned.

Anyone have opinions on dual sports kits? I've been researching the various companies. Seems like you could almost buy the stuff separately from UFO or Acerbis and come out way cheaper. Chime in if you've been down this trail and have some advice tips.

Dike Bike mentioned in their review that the seat is too stiff. Who makes a better softer seat? BTW: I guess Dirt Bike has already told us that the WR450F will not win the up coming 450 shootout

Guts Racing www.gutsracing.com makes a soft or tall/soft foam insert for the Wr450. The also have complete racing, graphic and casual seats if you have the $. Their website is a little weak for actual pictures, etc. But I have used the products in the past and they are first rate.

Ther is also an official Yamaha TSB on the woodruff issue. Regardless of warrant condition, the fix is free but takes overnight to complete. The link is somewhere on TT. Search for "TSB" on the WR450 discussion forum.

First off, welcome to TT. It sounds like you are in the same boat that I'm in. I took late delivery of my wr and I haven't gotten a clear answer as to whether or not I need "the fix". If I do, I really don't trust the dealership I bought it from to do it right. I'm still checking. As for now, I'll continue to ride it in my neighborhood. That way if it breaks, I'll be close to home. As far as the dual sport question goes, look into your local regs and check with people in your area who have plates on their dirt bikes. You may not need everything that is included in the kit. You may save yourself big bucks buying only the parts you need. I checked locally and it looks like I may be able to get mine plated for under $100.00. The kit was about $400.00-$500.00. :)

www.trickdualsport.com has a very nice (and affordable!!) dual-sport kit. Supposed to be the easiest to install of all the kits avaialble.

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