'06 YZ450F fuel range

I'm going to attempt my first desert race in a couple weeks.:ride: I think the Novice class just does a single 45 mile loop. How far will a '06 450 make it in desert race conditions?

i got my 3.2 IMS just for 50 mile loop races.

45 is right on the cusp of the stocker tank.

fill that baby to the TOP right before the race.

Hopefully you make it all the way around.

Figure about 20-25 mpg, or 36-45 miles. Stash some, or have a friend take some out to the second check point or somewhere, or as a last resort, carry some (not recommended).

They will have a gas truck that you can throw a gas can on. It will be 20-30 miles out on the trail so I'll plan on using it. Last thing I want to do on my first race is to DNF because of gas.

I have trail ridden 52 miles on about 1.5 gallons of gas, although I was lugging the bike and not getting into the upper RPM's that often. Laundry detergent bottles work well for carrying gas, and they even have a built in spout. Using the gas truck sounds simpler. Good luck:thumbsup:

I think you'll be fine as long as it's a fairly high speed as opposed to slow, tight stuff. In Arizona I've completed a 55 mile loop and had about a quart of gas left but like they say... your mileage may vary. I'd try to go the distance but if you're unsure, pack a pint or quart of gas in a water bottle on your person just in case.

Just my opinion.


I had an 04 yz450f that I did right around 55 of hard pre-runnng miles.....

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