Won't Start again

Hi All,

I had a relatively hard fall 4 months ago and fractured my shoulder. My bike has been standing since and only today did I start it again after a lot of kicking. I rode for approximately 10 minutes and then it began backfiring and then stalled not to be started again.

I'm hoping someone can guide me as to what person should typically do to the bike if it has been standing for 4 months. What would have happened in the carburettor/spark plag etc. during this time.

Looking forward to your response.

Regards from South Africa


2009 YZ450F

Start by dumping the fuel (properly) and draining the carb. If that doesn't take care of it, you probably have dried fuel varnish in the carb.

Thanks for the reply, firstly, when you say "dump" the fuel, do you mean that which is in the tank as well? and secondly, is there a way to remove this varnish (some or other solvent flush) or would I have to strip the carb.

Yes, all of the fuel. Gasoline ages poorly, especially in plastic containers.

You may be able to remove the varnish by adding injector cleaner to the tank, or by spraying a carb cleaner into the jets from the bottom plug, but you may have to open the carb up farther.

Thanks GR. I'll give that a bash tomorrow and let you know my findings.


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