suspension suggestions

I need a little advice on suspension. I am 6'2" 250 lbs. I have noticed I bottom pretty hard on bigger g-outs and jumps. I have messed around with the shock and fork but even at it's stiffest settings I bottom. Should I spend the dough and get stiffer springs? Front and back? Any idea what it should cost. I have been quoted anywhere from $600-$1500. I race desert (D-37) and do some track riding (Not much). Obviously losing some lbs. would help, but I love food!!!LOL!Thanks in advance.

03 wr450 :)

$600 - $1500 FOR SPRINGS? :)

What weight oil are you running in the forks? At what height?

You can try more oil. Heavier weight oil. More of a heavier weight oil.. etc.

You can also find an assortment of springs here on TT...


Hi Jackalope,

I suggest you post your question on Thumpertalks suspension forum. You will more likely get the answers you need there. I am shocked at your price quote though. I just sent mine in to have set up for 230#. Only need stiffer back spring and was quoted 89.00 for it. The valving I am having done is where the real $ is going. Somewhere in the neighborhood of 245 per end and 89.00 for back spring.


I have a set of .48kg fork springs if you are interested p.m. me offline. I am 6'2" 210lbs and these were to stiff for me. Should work really well for your size.

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