how loud is stock exhaust?

On my WR400 I have the stock exhaust. I'm doing the bigwoods 200 ride in northern Wisconsin with it next month and I got an email saying they're doing sound checks and our bikes must be under 96dbl. I have no idea how loud that is. Is this something I should worry about?

If it were me, I would have it checked. You can buy a db meter at radio shack in the 30.00 range. I would also get clarification on how they are going to test your bike and what db scale they will use, those meters have both "a" and "c" scales.

Having said that, I was shocked when my yz400f hit 100db with my db meter on the seat. I did not think it was that loud either...

You probably are fine, but I would hate to lose a ride over it..


everytime i've done any of these dualsport events, the people with stock exhausts never even get checked....

They just look at it and say.. oh your stock your fine....

If the 400 stock exhaust is anything like my 426 stock, with the tiny little peashooter insert, you will probably be under 90. I think I tested at 89 dB when I was in stock form back in 01.

Check the inside (left / tire side) of the muffler to see if anything is stamped on it. I was curious about my '09 and found on the inside (left / tire side) of the muffler a factory notice that says the bike complies with an 82db sound limit in stock form.

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