2003 wr450f oil change

i just bought an 03 wr450f. Is this a split case set up, or not? meaning the engin and transmission are using the same oil, or like a 250X, the engin oil and transmisson oil are seperate. If they are a seperate, where is the transmission oil check bolt? thanks for any help.

None of the above.

The engine and trans share the same oil, but the wrinkle is that it's a dry sump system. Oil is carried in the frame, pumped to the engine internals, sucked up and pumped back to the tank (frame) by a second oil pump. The trans and clutch are pressure fed.

Short form of the oil change:

  1. Run the engine for 1 minute prior to changing oil
  2. Drain the frame at the drain bolt at the bottom of the main down tube, above the oil line connections
  3. Drain the crankcase at the drain plug under the rear center of the trans area
  4. Remove and replace (or service if it's cleanable) the oil filter
  5. Refill with 1.6L (400/426)or 1.1L (steel framed 450) of new oil and restart

More reading of interest:




Then, get a manual:


Thanks ALOT grayracer513. I get a book for every bike I have, just has not come in yet. You helped me out in a big way. Dont need to wait for the book before I can :ride: the bike

1.6L?? draining as much out as I can get to come out I can only refill 1.2 or so and after checking the amount on the dipstick I'm about at the top. Isn't 1.6 way too much or am I doing something wrong? I follow the procedure from that video that is floating around here somewhere exactly.

Oops, that's for a 426. 1.1L for the steel 450's. :ride::)

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