WR426 Diet Tips?

Gonna put my WR426 on a serious diet. Thinking about an alloy or titanium subframe. Are the Yamaha titanium subframes durable? They sure are pricey! How much weight savings?

Anyone weighed the difference between the WR and YZ gas tanks? Just curious about that one.

Ti frame? Are you filthy rich?

Remove the odometer. Change to YZ plastic (rear fender too). Remove coolant overflow. remove kickstand. Put on lightweight tires. Alum bars. Run alum sprocket on the rear. Any YZ or aftermarket pipe is going to be lighter

That's about it as far as cheap mods. Go to a gym, don't blow your cash on a bunch of ti and CF stuff. If the bike is still heavy, should have bought a 250!


Almost forgot! If the BIGGEST weight savings is only running enough fuel to get you by. Don't fill it up!

At the MX track I use about 1/4 gallon (it's on reserve). On the trail I put maybe 1 gallon in if I plan to be back at the truck before the end of the ride. Long rides I'll fill it up as insurance, but damn you can feel the difference in weight!

BTW, another weight savings if you get the bike muddy is to use Pam cooking spray all over the bike (except brake rotors, seat and controls). Mud won't stick nearly as much!


Dave, Great question... I have put a schrader valve in my frame and before each moto I fill it up with helium. You cant believe the difference!!!

Sorry, Im at work bored and I've had a couple of beers......

But on a serious note, I have removed the head light and the tail light along with the odometer, other than that you're just spliting hairs... good luck, Dan


Excellent replacement for the stock aluminum sub frame saving over 1 lb.

Fits '00-UP YZ125/250 (not shown)

YZR-5HC94-00-TT $459.95

Fits '00-UP YZ426/YZ250F/WR250F/ WR400F/WR426F.

YZR-5JG94-00-TT $459.95

^--- Direct from the Yamaha web site. saves you over 1 lb (woo hoo big deal) for the small price of 459.95

Dont throw money away like that. And if you are going to throw some my way. :)

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