engine removal help!

if im not mistaken the engine is attached to the swing arm. i think ive removed everthing else except were it attaches to the swing arm. i removed a nut on one side were a bolt of some kind goes through the swing arm. how do i get the bolt out? the over side of the bolt doesnt look like you can wrench on it. or is this not necessary to remove the engine? this is on a 02 yz426f

It's basically an axle like what goes through your wheel. Take a long punch and a hammer and hit it out. You may have a problem if the swingarm bearings have never been greased, as that pivot bolt will seize in there.

that did it thanks man

i have everything removed except a wire going down to the flywheel. i cant get the two screws out of the flywheel area that seem to be holding the wire. im affraid ill strip them. is there a disconect for the wire some where else or does any one know a good way to get screws out that are in real tight?

There should be a plug on the wire you can disconnect.

is there a disconect for the wire some where else ?

Up by where the leads meet the main harness behind the steering head. There's a rubber cover over the connector.

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