2008 YZ450F front axle issue

I just purchased an '08 YZ450F thats almost new with very little time on it. When I pulled the front wheel off and removed all 4 of the pinch bolts, the axle was stuck in the bottom of the forks. I had to spray it with WD-40 and pound it out with a dowel and a dead blow hammer.

When I went to put the front wheel back on, I applied grease on the axle and slid it through the bottom of the forks, but it gets hung up on the fat part of the axle (left side) as soon as it starts to enter the bottom of the left fork leg . I tried to move the fork leg from left to right and all that with no luck. I'm new to Yamaha's. I've never experienced this issue before with my other bikes. Any ideas as to what the hell is happening? Maybe it's galled? Should I try a new axle? Thanks.

I've got an '08 and have had no problems. I think you're probably right about the galling and/or burr somewhere.

If the lower fork leg rotates inward from being pushed by the axle as the last step enters the bore, it will bind it. Forcing it through will damage the axle lug.

The correct approach is to hold the lug in alignment and rotate the axle as the last step enters the lug. It helps to gently wedge the lug open just a bit with a screwdriver, too.

I will give that a shot, thanks. The forks have the black coating from Enzo, including the lower leg (lug?) where the axle goes through, which may have an effect on the tolerance. It's very tight.

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