2003 - YZ450F - Compatible OEM Exhausts


I was wondering what other year YZ450F exhaust pipes\mufflers will fit on my bike.

Looking for better tone and more concerned about down low rpm power.

Reason I ask is that I am a little low on $$$ at the moment and think OEM is a cheaper option.



I'm not 100% sure, but I believe the 03', 04', and 05' all use the same exhaust. The rest of the years DO NOT fit.

If it were me, I would look for a Dr. D (Dubach ) used exhaust. It widens the power band, especially helping the lower RPM's. I have one, and love it. A lot of people recommend the Dubach as being the best exhaust for Yamaha YzF's.

03-05 silencers are the same, 03-06 headers are the same.

A YZ426F muffler will fit your stock 450 header. You have to elongate the bottom subframe mounting hole about 1/4 inch to mount the muffler,

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