Trellborgs or other winter tires

Since winter lasts over half the year here, I was thinking of getting a set of theses for next year, has anyone used these and how well do they work? :)

I tried to get one of their tyre`s at the back end of last year but could not get through to order one(no answer when i called the uk dealer)but i will try to get one this year just to try them out.They seem to have a good range of tyre`s on their web site,worth a shot i think.

There are alot of ads for them in Trail Rider magazine. If no one posts the number before I get home next week I will post it. I think the importer is the W.E.R stabilizer guys. Everyone around me swears by the Trellaborg for harescrambles :), with a m-12 up front. I just have a hard time believing it is 2 times as good since it is 2 times as expensive

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