wr450 vs. heavy rider

Got a buddy that is 6'3 and about 280...he's a runt! :excuseme:

You'll probably want to get a taller saddle and raise those bars!

Plenty O' Power

I hope you just mean in the dirt or in the woods...cause I would clean your clock on the street on my DR....straight or twisties...

ha! i think you underestimate the power of the WR. the DR would not beat the wr on any road, and surface, and race. i dont see any guy's riding DR650's in supermotard?, Deserts, i dont see any guys riding DR650's. My WR does 190km/h - they are fast!

Hey bushdog

what set up you running on your wr to get 190km/h,

cause the best I can get out of mine is 145km/h,

but mines still stock, haven't got the coin to do anything yet, but tell the world

yeah mine did 145 with 13/50. but wipe 6 off the back and add 2 on the front and it will push u fast.

Ok bushdog

with that in mind do you ride trails or tight bush riding , does it still have it's chugg along speed in the low range gears when needed or do you need to have it going more than stock, cause I'd love that speed , I mean 145 isn't too bad but on the straights where you want to really open it up higher speed would kick ass I reckon

no that was for desert. i change it up for trails

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