Recent '01 YZ426F owner opinions...

I also felt first gear was to high for trail riding. I improved this by adding a 14oz Steele flywheel weight and a 13 tooth front spocket. The flywheel weight doesn't seem to have any negative effect on performance, it just made trail riding a whole lot more fun. Darrin

I've only got about 3 hours on my bike so far and I love it! For the first time I think that I will not be shopping for any more special go-fast parts! If all goes well I'll get to take it to a MX track for the first time this friday, I can't even sleep thinking about the fun! :)

About the first gear, I agree it is very tall for trail riding. But I can see how anything lower, with the power that this thing makes, would be a waste for motocross. If only the WR had an identical power plant to the YZ with the exception of the gear box..

I bought a 2001 YZ426F a couple months back and figured I would just post my opinion for others interested. After all I read this forum for a couple months just reading your posts to help my decision.

I have ridden it 5 times now. I have ridden sport ATVs for years but never owned a motorcycle untill this one. When I first rode it I thought for sure I bought too much bike for myself. That thing rips. After riding it several times I'm settling into it. Looking back on it I am VERY satisfied with my purchase. No troubles starting it whatsoever. (just when you forget to turn the gas on! :-) ) First kick almost every time. I am glad I went 4-stroke than the YZ250 2-stroke I was considering. Its just got gobs of torque.

My only complaint so far is 1st gear is too high for my liking, I do alot of trail riding and hill climbing as well and first is just a bit higher than I would like. I'll probably just drop a tooth on the front sprocket and see if I like that.

Anyway guys thanks and see you on the trails!


Steve Conner

2001 YZ426F

St. Peters MO

test test //// my old password is not working

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