carb probs, 2003 WR450 lengthy sorry

Hello all...I'm very baffled at the moment on this one.

This bike sat for an unknown length of time with gas left in it,

tried to start luck. Drained carb bowl, and tank.

Put fresh gas in tank, and bowl would not fill back up. It sat overnite,

thought i'd try again in morning. It started right up , ran a little rough

but then gas started coming out overflow. took carb off super cleaned it, reassembled made sure needle was shutting off fuel. ran great .......:)

took it out today ran super....idle kept raising a couple times....

went 8 miles or so and it strted leaking gas again out overflow tube,

if you plug that with finger, after 30 secs or so gas comes out the vent tubes.

still ran great the whole the needle tip bad? could the bowl overflow tube have a crack?

on the bottom of the carb is a brass screw with a t handle that the mixture screw? how many turns out? i never changed the float level or drop.

I can ride it bud jeez a full tank lasts a half hour......:ride:

Help please........

Sounds like the float is stuck or the needle and seat are bad. Maybe the float linkage is gummed up. The seat is easy to test. Just move the float by hand and see if the flow stops.

The screw you mention is the pilot (fuel) screw. Start at 1.5 turns out and tune from there.

It probably is a bad float needle seat oring.Remove the float and needle, place yor finger over it and see if fuel still leaks past.

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