WR450 Headaches - bored, good action here

For those of you that are in need for a little drama, check out the WR450 page and then go to the WR450 Headaches post. Be a little patient. GO about halfway down and then start to read the drama. It is really incredible how sensitive and touchy those people can get over there. That and to mention that one post has over 1000 reads in less then a day.

All I have to say is that I am happy with my BRP, even though it can get a little boring here. But boring and not too many people here means that we are all out riding instead of trouble shooting.

Have a good weekend out where :thumbsup:ever your pigs may take you.

You're right. It can get a bit tense on some of the other sites.

New bikes have problems that need to be worked out. We basically went through the same thing when our BRPs came out in 2000.

2001 XR650R/Power up.

I think the air over there weighs about as much as water!

I love hondas too! Mines just yellow cuz the XR400 is a bit behind in the times. Cheers to good riding!!!!! :)

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