100 mph xrl, can it happen?

ok, so I've made the move to dual sport, and I'm slowly creating a motard. Now, I've been 5 years on street bikes, and part of the move was such that I wouldnt be endangering my driving privledges, (nevermind my life) making regular (at least 2 or 3 times a week) trips down the freeway at 130+ mph. And I have found a fun bike, which is a blast at 20, 30, and 40 miles per hour, with no real need to go faster to increase the fun level. :D

However... I was thinking, while a soccer mom in an Escalade, drinking her coffee almost ran me off the road, at 90, going to work... I was thinking... While I dont need 140, for my commute, the ability to get up to 100 and get OUT OF THE WAY QUICK! would be a real advantage. And so, I ask you all...

Both in the suspension, tires, and engine department, without giving up all of the low end which makes the XRL the fun beast it is, how do I make a 100 mph bike.

The purpose of the bike is stupid stunts and street tricks, so I dont care about sacraficing off road capability, but I do want to keep the wheelie happy low speed, no big deal if it drops fun. :)

So... Thoughts? Suggestions? So far the only advice I've gotten is as follows...

before going 100mph regularly on a xr you must first walk around the block in only loose fitting boxers. if your nuts clank and sound like brass hitting brass, go for it.

Which wasnt quite as reasuring as I think it was(nt) supposed to be. but none the less, right now thats not an issue, as, although it wants to go into tank slappers at a paltry 80, I can hold it together fairly well. And now I'm getting it shod with rubber that doesnt say, stamped into the side "Not for Highway Use" So I think road manner will be improved drasticly. I would like to be able to do it without fighting to keep the bike from shooting out from under me into a horible firey cartwheel, that would be nice, so suspension help would be aprecaited as well as the necessary engine info to get the power I need to pull it off.

Now what do I do to get it to 100?

Thanks :D

-- James

Wow - great post. The answer is yes it is possible. I have a friend in Miami, (Chrome Boy Dave), who has accomplished that with his 650L. He brings it to Deals Gap every June to impress the local sport bike riders and show them the fast way down the "Dragon".

He started with a 670cc hi compression piston, ported the head, cam, flat slide Mikuni, and a full Yosh system.

Add to that polishing everything aluminum he could and chroming everything else. On the bottom of the bike in the front he has a small light that is positioned to shine down the road like a headlight while he is doing monster wheelies! Too cool. Anyway, that bike flat rips and you can tell that just by listening to it. The main down side is the heat, with the added combustion pressure comes heat so a cooler is a good idea.


There are some really easy things that can be done that should give you some extra horse power. One of the first things that I did to my XR R was to change the exhaust. I have yet to remove the smog control systems, but am planning on doing that this weekend. I also plan on re-jetting my carb and opening up the airbox and intake manifold. I assume that all of these things can be done to your bike as well. Baja Designs and XRS Only make some kits that will help you in the horsepower department. If you want a cheap and simple solution and don't mind giving up a little low end power then you could just change your sprocket size.

I think that with some of the mentioned changes you should easily be able to get around 100 mph. What kind of speeds are you getting now?

Good luck!!

So I find myself a bit confused.... I have a XL500R 1982 that will crack 100mph. I have a XR650R 2003 that will scream its way to 100mph with some room to spare. I have a friend who has a XR650L 2003 and it does 100mph easy. Both 650's were un-corked to add to the fun, but they could do 100mph in stock trim. Now I would have to lie if I were to tell you that the bikes feel comfortable at that speed. Point is they get there and none to slow. If you trade in your knobs for street tires & trim the front fender a bit I'm sure they all would straighten right up. If your bike is a 650 and doesn't do 100mph somthing is wrong. I would buy a factory manuel and go through it top to bottom. Make sure everything is in tip top shape, otherwise you may be dead! Check out the Super Motard section on this site. Lots of info in there. You might even want to move your post to that area.

How do you know that you are going 100mph? If you are believing your speedometer, that is a mistake. Motorcycle speedo's are hopelessly optimistic. I use a GPS on my BRP and it has touched 100, but it took a while.

now thats interesting. Right now this is my first experience with the bike, and it had nothing over 85, and was winding out for that. Maybe I've got a 14 up front. I'll have to check. I dont have experience on anything else, so maybe it's just that the bike is fubared. So, if I get it fixed, and it should do 100 that way... whadya think I can get outa all the mods? [@#$%&*!], if I can get this bike fast enough to compete agianst the 500 twins, I may not have to buy another bike to take to willow springs... (which would be a gp125 if I did) I know there are some guys out there that dominate with a set of KTM Dukes, hrmm...

-- James

:busted:Well the BRP doesn't have a speedo, so would you believe a radar gun? My neighbor is a PG county police officer. He rides a big old full dress Police Harley. We got to playing around one day.

Both of my bikes have stock gearing. I live at sea level in Southern Maryland. What is your elevation? Maybe that is why the bikes are slower.

The elevation here is around 1200 ft. That must be why my bike is so much slower, I need to go to Maryland to experience the true potential of the beast. :)

I’ve experienced a cart wheeling BRP, it was not pleasant. So, I slapped on a RTT steering stabilizer… what a difference. You should look into one for sure if you’re going push 100mph. The really cool thing about the RTT is the dampening toggle switch installed on the bars.

Good Luck

yes, check your gearing, you don't want to be revving the tar out of it at 85. What have you done so far, is it completely stock?

Removing the airbox baffle and richening the jetting are the most effective and cheap mods. I also drilled out the holes in the cv piston to 5/32".

suspension...if the fork oil hasn't been changed, you may have "mud" in there (mine was pretty bad). The stock rear spring is pretty stiff, mine is backed all the way off (I weigh 155) and have the forks slid up in the clamps about 1/2" (helps bring down the seat height).

I'm not convinced that aftermarket exhaust is worth the money, other than the weight loss and better looks. The stock exhaust with the tip removed works quite well. There are some welds inside the stock headpipes that can be ground out, that helps flow a bit.

Going deeper into the engine, a higher compression piston and mild porting (matchin in the valve seat area) helps, but now you have the whole motor apart.

Tell us more about the wheelies...that thing must run pretty good if it pulls that wheel up easilly...what gear?

let us know what front and rear sprockets you have...


Yes, I am sure I'll get my BRP L up to 100, but I'll have to wait for spring to try. :D I had mine up to 90 many times, but that was with a 155 main jet. But I recently put a 162 main in, and I can feel that I do have a lot more top end. I also put a WB E-Series silencer on, so I can't wait to try it. But it was 35 degrees today so I didn't take it out on the interstate to air it out, as I didn't want to freeze my connockers off. :D I had my L dyno tested at 38.3 hp's. I am sure I might have gotten another pony with the latest mods. Heck, I had my DRZ400s up to an indicated 100 once. :)

Mine is a 2001 XRL, stock engine, but uncorked, Thumper racing exhaust tip (points down). It will do 97 on a long straight with my 225 lbs and stock gearing. I'm sure you could get 100, maybe with just a silencer change.

i'm not doubting your results, but keep in mind that if you have the stock speedometer, it could be off either way. A properly calibrated digital speedometer, gps, radar etc. is the most fool proof. Mine has stock gearing, moderate mods (including a hi comp piston), and has hit 95 with a bit of throttle to spare, but the front wheel is not balanced and has a wobble-I chickened out and backed off.

Mine will do 100 even...pinned. I have checked the speedo against two cars and the police portable speed indicator sign and it is correct. The airbox was opened up, Uni Filter, and rejetted. I used a 14 tooth front sprocket. My XRL won't fully pull 5th gear with the 15 tooth front. I think most of you would find that you get the same or better top speed in 4th that you do in 5th. A 14 tooth effectively turns 5th gear into 4th.

Oh, when it starts to wobble, get back as far as you can on the seat and lay your chest on the gas tank (helmet on the bars) :)

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