First ride 05 Yz450F

Okay so i had messed around on the bike on are practice track and what not but had not taken it out yet... Till this sunday.. We went to red river and i loved the bike... The power is always there and never had the thought of wishing i had more power like i always did on my rm125 (I Loved the 125 also... But i was to the point where i needed more) Only had one spill on the 450 and it was me washing out the front wheel trying to pass someone and they turned in to me :) Only thing i seemed to be having a problem with was over heating when going really slow (About 1/2 the day i was riding with my Girlfriend and her family and they were all on quads going super slow... And i am pretty sure the slow speed had everything to do with it. After me and her dad and brother went out on her own had no over heating problems and she stayed cool.. The only thing i do not like at all about this bike is how weird it feels up front kinda seems really loose compared to my Rm125 I guess that will just take some getting used to though.. Anyways I was out running everyone and all anyone would say is its just cause you are on a 450 :lol: So i got one of the other kids to trade me bikes and i went on his Honda 250f... And with in about 1 min i had to stop for everyone to catch up Lol i did wipe out hard core on his 250 though came around a turn and the trail was washed out and i did not have time to stop and went over the handle bars was all good though did not get hurt or hurt the bike! :ride: All and all i am so glad to have a bike again and cant wait for next weekend to go ride again! Sorry if i bored anyone but i am still hyped up about my new bike and wanted to talk about it :)

I know that the YZ450F does amazing on the track but how does it do on the trails? Is it good on tight, technical terrain? Also, does it have good low end power?

I just got back from a weekend up in the mountains with my 05yz450f and it did amazing on the trails. I was really suprised, i was expecting it to be too much power for the tight turns, but it actually did great. It had a great low end power even with the high altitude.

Yeah i had plenty of low end and tons of top end Was very nice.. But i also came from a 2 stroke Lol I really hate the way it handles but i am sure i will get used to it... Just really wants to dig in up front compaird to all the other bikes i have been on.. We did alot of the trails that were in the last man standing race (Very technical) And never had a problem

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