What size tire groover head?

I'm going to invest in a tire groover, now I just need to know, What size tire groover head is the best? Thanks.

Hi Sig,

If it comes with the same one mine did, the stock head works fine. I think it's about .2", I also got a narrower one, but rarely us it.

You going to Vallejo? I think I still owe you a beer or two. :D I did get some 17" wheels, so I hope I won't need a loaner again. Hope to see you there. :)

Thanks for the reply Pete. Unfortunately I won't be able to make it to Vallejo, I'll be catching waves in Maui as a newly married man. I'm planning on the April 19 Stockton date though.

Congrats Carl,

For some reason I assumed that you were already a married man.

Have fun in Maui -good luck finding waves too...


Thanks Mike. We've been living together for about 6 years, so yeah, I've sort of been married for a while. Have you made it out to the Stockton track lately? I am hoping to make it to the next race, but I had a nasty motocross get off yesterday and my knee is swollen to about 3 times it's normal size so we'll see. Did you ever get your bike street legal? Take care. Carl

Sig, congrats and hope your knee feels better!


Thanks to you I have a street legal CRF. Of course, I have yet to ride it on the street since I am always looking for the next opportunity to take it out to the MX track (either Carnegie or Sandhill Ranch) since they allow me to really work on my corner speed, which is pretty much hideous. I am one of those guys that can go full throttle in a straight line.. :) BUT, for the first time in my life, I am able to go out for 20-30 minutes at a time on the MX track which has allowed me to feel like I am improving. Of course, I FEEL like I am improving, reality may be another story altogether.

I made it to Stockton last Monday, and had a blast. The funny thing is that I only had the rains on my bike _Dunlop front and Avon DOT Rain on the rear, but did not want to practice on them for my desire to save them for a race (like it will help me go faster..) Any way, I grabbed a front slick out of the trash bin as a buddy was tossing it away because of old age. It felt hard but had lots of tread. I also grabbed a 3 year old Pilot Race rear in a 150 size that has seen better days. To cut it short, only lost the rear one time, and the front felt great. Like you, I am looking for a tire groover, and have found some for like $59 on the net. I only need to find out if the #4 size is what I need, but I have no idea what #4 means. Do you?

Sorry to hear about your knee. Where were you riding? How did it happen?




Mike, the #4 head is the stock one with mine, it's eiher .2" or .25". I use it most of the time, but I also got a #2, which is either .1 or .125". FYI

Thanks Pete,

I am about to order one so that I do not have to deal with cutting at the track...

See you at Vallejo...


Here's the skinny according to a website that I found on the sizes.

#1 - 0.053" #2 - 0.090" #3 - 0.125" #4 - 0.215"

#5 - 0.290"

There are also other sizes.

BTW- Just bought mine for $60 shipped with 12 #4 blades and a #4 head. 300W

knowing that the rockstars of MX down at Fontana smoked the competition on uncut slicks...simply amazing. Imagine how much faster they would have been with them grooved!

I went from a Mich Pilot race compound front last year at Vallejo on day one to a rain front, and in the short little dirt section alone i must have dropped close to a second. So I know that grooves do make a difference.


Thanks for the info. Can you please provide a link or some info on where you ordered yours from. I went down in some nasty whoops on a private MX track. The knee seems to be getting better pretty quickly, so with a little luck I'll see you on the 19th, I've got an XR100 with some street tires on it I'll be bringing out too. :)



This is a site, not the one that I used as I used another computer and cannot seem to locate the site on this system. The only diff that I see is the power rating, and I am beginning to wonder if it was a typo on mine as mine looks identical. Except it's red.

I will look at home and send the information to you if you like. I just figured that I had to buy something, as I had been putting it off for far too long.

I am still uncertain about Stockton, but am going to do everything in my power to make it to Vallejo. (Money is tight, and MX is cheap) -That is, once my wrist feels better. I missed a chance to ride at Carnegie yesterday evening because of my wrist, and believe me when I say that I am less than happy about it. Especially with the rain coming this weekend.

-And before all you NW folks go off on me, please note that everything around here is all clay, and you do NOT ride on wet clay...Not if you want to actually RIDE, as opposed to just try balancing on your bike.


"Any way, I grabbed a front slick out of the trash bin as a buddy was tossing it away because of old age. It felt hard but had lots of tread. I also grabbed a 3 year old Pilot Race rear in a 150 size that has seen better days."

People should remember there's a reason why race tires get thrown away.....it's because they're no longer any good. Just because a tire has plenty of tread does not mean it's suitable for use, let alone to race on. A tires worst enemy is heat, the more heat cycles that go into a tire will result in less grip. Why do you think you always see stacks of "used" tires at the race track that have close to 100% of their original tread left? :)

For me, it's worth it to have new tires at every race.

I may not have posted the reason for using the take off slick. I was going to an open track, not a race, and the tires that I had on the bike before running the take offs were a Race Rain front, and an Avon DOT rain rear with only one race weekend on them. I thought that I would rather save them for a future race event than a bunch of practice laps.

My second point was that these tires performed excellently. In fact, it was the first time that I had ever even had a slick on a bike, and old or not, it worked every bit as well as the rain that HAD been on the bike before.

Finally...If I was a fast guy, I could see that fresh meats for every race would be the ideal choice. BUT, in the world of reality, I failed to reach the limits of that tire, and only overstepped the limits of the rear Pilot race compound take off one time. (It did step out rather quickly). If I can run tires that someone else can afford to toss away, and still not reach the limits of those tires, I am not sure why I would buy new.

I cannot even win a Novice race, (though I have led for 7.5 laps of an 8 lap main -finishing second), so I doubt that fresh rubber means the same thing to me as it does for you or others that regularly smoke past me.

If you know of a good place to get fresh rubber without having to take a second mortgage out on the house, please feel free to let me know. Last I checked, a set of rubber ran well over $300.

I love riding, and will ride on tires with the chords showing if I have to. Truth be told, I would love to know what it is like to race knowing that I have the best possible rubber under me. But until I can up my speed, I feel that trying to blame the rubber for my lack of speed is tantamount to stating that my bike just is not fast enough to compete -and we all know that the bike is not the deciding factor in Supermoto...


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